PERSONAL INFORMATION COLLECTION STATEMENT (the “Site”) is a website of The Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund, an initiative of Alibaba Group, comprised of The Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund Limited and The Taiwan Entrepreneurs Fund Limited established under the laws of the Cayman Islands (together, “Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund”, the “Fund,” “we,” “us,” etc.).

Throughout 2019-2020, we are organizing a series of events such as the JUMPSTARTER Contest (as defined in the JUMPSTARTER Terms and Conditions), startup showcase, business networking, student entrepreneurship education, mentor / investor hour, corporate innovation education and entrepreneurship workshop to support the career development and entrepreneurial aspirations of young people through the Alibaba ecosystem (the “JUMPSTARTER Events”).

You acknowledge and agree that you can only participate in the Event if you accept the Personal Information Collection Statement. By submitting your registration to participate or participating in the Event, you agree to be bound by and accept the Personal Information Collection Statement. If you do not agree to this Personal Information Collection Statement, you must not submit your application or participate in the Event.

  1. This personal information collection statement sets out how the Fund will collect, use, process and transfer your personal data collected in relation to the Event.
  2. It is mandatory for you to provide us with the information marked with an asterisk in this application form, and any other personal data that the Fund may request, from time to time, and which it indicates as being mandatory. Failure to provide such mandatory data may result in us being unable to process your application form and/or prevent you participating in the Event.
  3. If at any time you provide us with the personal data of any third party (e.g. employees, representatives, etc), then you warrant and undertake that you have obtained the consent of the relevant individual to provide their personal data to the Fund, for it to use and transfer their personal data in accordance with this personal information collection statement.

Purpose of use

  1. We may use any personal data collected by us for one or more of the following purposes: (i) to process and administer your application form to participate in the Event; (ii) to communicate with you regarding your application form, the Event, or any enquiries, feedback or complaints; (iii) to include your personal data in any profile, content, publications, images, recordings and/or materials in any format whatsoever (including, without limitation, any that may be made available to the public) created by or on behalf of the Fund in relation to the Event; (iv) to organise and administer the Event, including (without limitation) your participation in the Event (if your application is accepted by us) and (v) to send you marketing materials pursuant to paragraph (h) below.

Direct marketing

  1. Subject to your consent, the Fund will send you information relating to the following:
    1. the promotion of any services or events operated, hosted or provided by any member of the Fund in relation to entrepreneurs, business start-ups, technology and any other categories you have ticked in your application form above; and
    2. research and questionnaires about the services and events hosted and/or provided by any member of the Fund.
  2. By submitting your application, you indicate your consent for the Fund to use your name, postal address, telephone number, email address and biographical data for direct marketing purposes in accordance with the above, unless you have ticked the opt-out box below indicating that you object to such use.


  1. For the purposes set out above, we may transfer any personal data held by us to: (i) other members of the Fund; and (ii) third party service providers of any of the members of the Fund (including, without limitation, those that provide back-office or IT services, or marketing and promotional services, catering services or security services in relation to the Event).
  2. We may also include personal data (including, without limitation, full name, biographical information and contact details) in promotional or marketing materials (including, without limitation, video and/or audio recordings, photographs, live streaming, broadcasts, brochures and adverts) related to the Event, which will be disseminated to and made available to the public.
  3. We may disclose any personal data when required by applicable law, or as requested by any court, tribunal, or government or law enforcement authorities, or to bring any legal action or to defend any claim related to you.

Data access and correction rights

  1. You have the right to request access to or correction of your personal data held by us. Any data access request or data correction request, or any other data privacy related queries, may be made by contacting the Privacy Administrator at


By submitting this application form, you understand and agree to the following:

  1. The Fund has the sole discretion to determine whether or not to accept or reject your application, for any reason whatsoever, with no liability to you.
  2. The Fund shall have the absolute discretion to make any decisions in relation to the Event, and its decisions shall be final and binding.
  3. We have the right to suspend or terminate (in whole or in part) your participation in the Event, at any time at our sole discretion.
  4. The Fund has the right to amend or cancel the Event (in whole or in part) at its sole discretion, with no liability to you.
  5. All costs and expenses incurred by you in relation to your application and/or your participation in the Event shall be borne solely by you.
  6. You understand and agree that any data, material or information provided, uploaded, submitted, transmitted or presented by you (in any format whatsoever) by you in connection with or during the Event, is not confidential and may be disseminated and disclosed by the Fund and its sub-licences for the purposes of administering, organising, providing, hosting, fulfilling, promoting, marketing, advertising and/or showcasing the Event. Such data, material or information may therefore become known to the public.
  7. You acknowledge and agree that your attendance and participation in the event is voluntary and at your sole risk, and the Fund disclaims any and all liability in relation to your attendance and participation in the event, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law.
  8. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, the Fund expressly disclaims all warranties and conditions of any kind in respect of the event, whether express or implied.
  9. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, the Fund shall not be liable to you in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty or otherwise for any loss, damages, costs or expenses whatsoever (including whether general, special, indirect, direct, nominal, punitive, incidental or consequential), including loss of profit; loss of revenue; loss of time; loss of anticipated savings; loss of opportunity; loss or corruption of data; loss of use; loss of business; wasted expenditure; loss of or damage to physical property; business interruption; loss of or damage to goodwill, which may arise in relation to the event, whether or not the Fund were advised in advance of the possibility of such loss.

The above is without prejudice to the Jumpstarter Event Terms and Conditions.